The Program Developer

The Program Developer

These systems were built by Robert Neubert, NICET III. He has over 50 years experience in the plumbing, mechanical and fire sprinkler trades. During that time he performed audits of labor performance on large and small jobs to prove the value of unit labor cost. This also included labor performance in assemblies typical in the trades as: piping of air handlers, plumbing fixtures and fire sprinkler assemblies. From these studies he qualified the uses of existing labor units used in the those trades. From these efforts he perfected the Accu-rate systems.

The fire sprinker systems are the easiest to assemble because of nation wide practice and limited variables. They were used by all of his estimators with great success.

He managed a division of a firm supervising the estimates for 180 piping mechanics. He had 4 estimators who reported daily.

Accu-Rate Estimating Services Co.

12505 Village Circle Dr. Suite 384

St. Louis MO. 63127

Robert J. Neubert, NICET III


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